Paris Quizz
Make your choices (for larger views, click on pictures).
When done, click on "Answers" to see the answers.

1. What a view! Where are you? At the top of ...

the Montparnasse tower
the Pantheon
Notre Dame
the Eiffel tower

2. Winter in Paris! This frozen fountain is...

near the Champ de Mars
near the Tuileries garden
near the Monceau park
near the Luxembourg garden

3. Holes in the amounts of the Eiffel tower? What for?

Birds care
Quick alerts messaging system
4. From where can you see this view of Paris? From the...

Montparnasse tower
Arc of Triumph
Alexandre III bridge
Eiffel tower

5. Why did Paris removed some elements from the obelisk of the place de la Concorde? You can compare with the other one stayed in Louxor, Egypt (see picture)...


6. What a view! Where are you? At the top of ...

the Eiffel tower
the Montparnasse tower
the Arc of Triumph

7. From where can you see the top of the Opera Garnier (on the right) like that? ...

La Madeleine
Le Printemps
Notre Dame
the Galeries Lafayette

8. Awesome! All the 'walls' are in stained-glass windows! Where are you? In...

La Sainte Chapelle
The American Cathedral
Notre Dame
Sainte Eustache church

9. What a sight! Where are you? At the top of ...

the Pantheon
the Montparnasse tower
Notre Dame
Les Galeries Lafayette

10. In the river Seine... What is happening?

Salmons are going back to their birth place
This is a Paris swimming tour!
Paris synchronized swimming team in action
The triathlon of Paris


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