Sunday 6 January 2013

Another bear in Paris!

Tara's bear on the river Seine

Another bear in Paris!
Do you remember the Buddy bears who stood recently near the Eiffel tower?

The buddy bears are gone now, but a new one has come to Paris until the 3rd February 2013.
He is part of the Tara's exhibition now in Paris:

Tara Expeditions has been organizing missions aboard the research schooner Tara for the past 9 years. Tara's goal is to learn more about the impact of climate change on ecosystems. Tara Expeditions is a non-profit association based in France that provides samples and data to the scientific community worldwide.  One of the main objectives is to increase environmental awareness among the general public, and particularly young people through the Tara Junior outreach program. Tara also makes movies and books.
The Tara Expeditions project is affiliated to the United Nations Programme for the Environment.
To know more about Tara, click on the following logo:
The boat docked next to the beautiful Alexander III bridge and the splendid "Grand Palais":

Happy new year from Paris!

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