Tuesday 22 October 2019

October - "Contemporary Art" walk in Paris

Monumental Brooke with Beach Ball - Carole FEURMAN GV MONUMENTAL 

October is a good time to enjoy Contemporary Art in Paris.
Right now, October 2019, we have the first edition of the GEORGE V MONUMENTAL exhibition, 52 monumental sculptures on the Avenue George V, from October 14 to November 17, 2019.
We have also the FIAC (Contemporary Art International Fairs), which comes back each October. The FIAC in only a weekend but the "Hors les murs" part lasts longer. "Hors les murs" exhibition of outdoor artworks presenting sculptures and installations to the widest possible audience in emblematic public spaces throughout the city.
Here, you'll see some samples of different creators, from George V Monumental and the FIAC, but also a recent acquisition, a permanent art piece offered to the city, the "Bouquet of Tulips" of Jeff Koons.

At the end of the article, you will find the route which allows you to see all these creations, a nice artistic stroll we did recently. 

Bonbon Drapeau France - Laurence Jenkell - GV  MONUMENTAL

Monumental Brooke with Beach Ball - Carole FEURMAN GV MONUMENTAL

Yaima and the ball - Carole FEURMAN GV MONUMENTAL


Kendall Island - Carole FEURMAN GV MONUMENTAL

Bibi on the ball (eyes closed) - Carole FEURMAN - GV MONUMENTAL

Bouquet of Tulips - Jeff Koons

Guanxi IV - Saint Clair Cemin - FIAC


Reaching through the cosmic sphere - Shana Moulton - FIAC

A suggestion if you are in Paris this fall: a nice artistic stroll... 

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