Friday 3 August 2012

Paris Plages

Arc de Triomphe
Arc  of Triumph sunset - August 2nd 2012
Well, as said in the previous post, yesterday was really the best day of the year to see the sun "going trough" the Arc of Triumph but unfortunately the sky was very cloudy as you can see on the picture above...
Next August? Meanwhile, you can have a look of what happens here when the sky is without clouds...

August (and July) are also the time to go to "Paris Plages". "Paris Plages"?
Paris Plages 2012
Paris Plages 2012
Paris Plages 2012
Paris Plages 2011
Paris Plages 2011
Yes, sand beaches in Paris!

"Paris Plages" starts end of July and finishes end of August.
During the other periods, the banks are used by cars. Impossible to remark such details as below (unless you are in a traffic jam or running the Paris Marathon, well, not too fast...).

See also the official site here.
Welcome to "Paris Plages"!

Thursday 2 August 2012

Paris Viewpoints

View from the Belleville Park

Last time, we talked about the Eiffel tower, the best Paris Viewpoint ever.
Besides the Eiffel tower, there are a lot of other wonderful viewpoints in Paris. See the Paris Viewpoints page.

By the way, if you are in Paris this evening, see the sunset just under the Arc of Triumph. Be there before 9:27 PM, look at the Arc from the Champs Elysées (9:27PM=sunset).
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