Sunday 18 September 2016

New statues Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme in Paris is know as the most luxurious place in the world. This is also the place of many arts shows.
These days, we can see the beautiful pieces of Manolo Valdès (until the 5th of October 2016).

Just behind the previous statue, you can see the Palace Hotel Ritz, totally renovated. This Ritz is the first one in the world, created by Cesar Ritz in 1898.

Do you know the Embassy of Texas in Paris?
It was just at the entrance of the Place Vendôme, it is a hotel now:

Friday 11 March 2016

Three novelties in Paris: three photographies...

Last man on earth?
Underground periscope? Convenient chairs to speak?
This Friday of March 11th, our stroll leads us to three interesting places in Paris :
  • The Canal Saint-Martin
  • The Place de la Bastille
  • The Garden of the Palais-Royal

1) First stop, canal Saint-Martin, of which the complete draining offers an amazing spectacle:

For more information, see this article (in French, with videos) or this one (in English).
On the side of the Canal, a little street art bonus:

"Assainissement" means "Sanitation"

2) Second stop, Place de la Bastille, where we can find a new device, the Timescope:

If you look in the device, you won't see Place de la Bastille as it is now but as it was in 1416 or in 1789 (year of the storming of la Bastille)!
To know more about this experience, click here. See also this report.

3) Third stop, Garden of the Palais-Royal. Ten new chairs appeared in the nice park of the Palais Royal. Not classical chairs, as we can see in the Parisian gardens, but double-chairs ("des causeuses"), ideal to talk with someone. And double-chairs which have something special:

These chairs have entries for earphones. Come with your own earphones and you will listen to poems:

To know more about these "Confidents", look here.

Always something new in Paris! : )
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