Thursday 22 August 2013

Growth of the "love" padlocks on the "Pont des Arts" in Paris

7 days of a new railing on the Arts footbridge ("Passerelle des Arts" or "Pont des Arts")

Look at the following slideshow. See how quickly evolves the newly installed railings on the Bridge of Arts.
See 7 days of these 3 new railings, from 13th to 20th August 2013:

The "Love padlocks" have been very much in the media. You surely heard about them. The "Pont des Arts" is surely one of the most romantic spots in the world that is why it has such a success with the padlocks...

See three posts of mine with some pictures and explanations:
A little pause on the Pont des Arts (see the bridge in 2010 and the density of the padlocks)
On the bridge of "L'archeveché" (explanations of the "Love padlocks")
The bridge in June 2012 (see the bridge in 2012 and the density of the padlocks)

This "Love Padlocks" fashion is recent, look at the "Pont des Arts" in 2009:

Le Pont des Arts in 2009 - You can see the water through it (no padlocks at the time)

Consider the density of the padlocks now, in 2013:

Compare the left railing to the new installed one on the right

Why does the City of Paris installs new railings?
Look at this photo:

Heavy padlocks - This railing is to be replaced

Installation of a new railing:

There are nearly 84 railings on the Pont des Arts, each one, due to the padlocks, weighing 150 kg, it gives more than 12 tons of padlocks for the Bridge...

Paris replaces them regularly to avoid a security issue due to the weight.
Well, don't worry too much for your padlock, your love is forever and the key at the bottom of the river Seine is still there to testify your link!

See also this report (in French):

Sunday 11 August 2013

At the very top of the Saint Jacques tower, a fantastic point of view on Paris!

Saint Jacques tower
Saint-Jacques tower on early morning (Sunday 11-Aug-2013 - 6h50 AM)

Don't miss the visit of the "Tour Saint-Jacques"!
Exceptionally, the tower can be visit for a short period this summer, each weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until the 15th of September 2013.
See here for more information:

Even though the reservation starts at 9:30 AM, I recommend to be there early, before 7:00 AM, because the line can be long and only a limited number of persons will access (reservation only made for the day).
It is worth the waiting time, the visit is interesting (in French but you will see interesting spots, pictures, the tower from the inside, etc.) and the view at the top is amazing! You are at the center of Paris, in the middle of the sky!

Well, if you can't go there, have a look to the following 360° video (not the best, maybe, but with many labels explaining which are the monuments and buildings).
The video will stop many times to let you read these labels. If you want more time to read them, you can pause the video.

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