Paris Viewpoints

Best viewpoints in Paris (and at La Défense) - Click on the map for a wider view

Apart the Eiffel tower, there are a lot of other wonderful viewpoints in Paris.

First, the most classical viewpoint after the Eiffel tower is the Montparnasse tower:
  • The best view on the Eiffel tower (Go there by night, to see the enlighten Eiffel tower!)
  • Location
  • Information (see the Website, nice introduction)

Another classical viewpoint, the Arc of Triumph:
  • The best view on the Champs-Elysées
  • Location
  • Information
  • Some views from the Arc of Triumph:
La Défense
Tour Eiffel

Notre-Dame Cathedral, a very central point of view:
  • You will be very close to the Gargoyles and the Chimeras (the ones which stand) and will see the Bells of Notre-Dame.
  • Even though the construction started in the 13th Century, these  Gargoyles and the Chimeras are from the 19th Century.
  • Location
  • Information

The best view in the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon:
  • Close to Notre-Dame, Garden of the Luxembourg, La Sorbonne, Universities...
  • Location
  • Information
  • Some views from the Panthéon:
Mairie 5th Arr.
Ste-Geneviève Libr.
Notre Dame

Tour Saint-Jacques
See this post: and the very "rare" point of view from the Saint-Jacques tower.

Other viewpoints and explanations...
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