Friday 19 October 2012

Stonehenge is in Paris! The FIAC is here!

Sacrilege - 2012 - Jeremy Deller - Esplanade des Invalides
A prehistoric monument in the center of Paris, on the famous place of the Invalides?

Actually, these stones are an inflatable artwork called "Sacrilege" from the artist Jeremy Deller, another outdoor project of the FIAC (see my previous post).
"Sacrilege" is accessible:

and you can play with it:

Stonehenge, far off, the Dome of the Invalides!

Outdoor artworks are in the "Esplanade des Invalides", "Jardin des Tuileries", "Jardin des Plantes" and also "Place Vendôme" as said in the previous post:

Istanbul Blues, 2011 - Jaume Plensa, Vendôme Column (Napoleon the 1st at the top)

All the FIAC outdoor projects are now installed, but not for long, until next Sunday, October, 21st.
Come to Paris if you can!

Friday 12 October 2012

The FIAC is coming!

The Origin of the World (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310, 2012 Bronze - Marc Quinn
As said in the previous post, the FIAC is coming! FIAC=CAIF i.e. Contemporary Art International Fair.
The FIAC will take place in Paris next week from the 18 to the 21 October 2012. Art will be exposed in beautiful places in Paris like the "Grand Palais" but also outdoor as for instance, the splendid Garden of the Tuileries. If you are in Paris now, you can enjoy some artistic creations already there or being installed.
See, in place, The Origin of the World from Marc Quinn:

The Origin of the World (Cassis Madagascariensis) Indian Ocean, 310, 2012 Bronze - Marc Quinn

and, also, currently being installed, Threshold Resign from Mircea Cantor:

Threshold Resign - 2012 pine wood 7 × 5 × 7 m - Mircea Cantor 

Close to the pond, some strange benches are joining the traditional old chairs of the garden, as this one :

Modified Social Benches, 2012, Aluminium  galvanized, powder coated - Jeppe Hein

If you go to the other pond, near the "place de la Concorde", you will see a ballet of amazing creatures, Sinfonietta of Light, 2012, Susumu Shingu's creation, installation of 10 sculptures in carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel and polyester fabric:

Near the Tuileries garden, in the most luxurious place in the world, the Place Vendôme, stand the creations of Jaume Plensa :

Istanbul Blues, 2011 - Yorkshire Soul II, 2011 - Irma's White Head, 2008
Stainless steel (+stone for Yorshire Soul II)

Plan a week end in Paris, don't miss the FIAC!
If it is not possible this month, the garden of the Tuileries will still stay full of nice sculptures, there permanently, contemporary, modern or old :
L'arbre des voyelles 1999 G.Penone|Baigneuse se coiffant 1930 A.Maillol|Caïn venant de tuer son frère Abel 1896 H.Vidal 

Paris, city of Art!
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