Saturday 8 September 2012

Conciergerie - The first public clock

The tower of the clock
The tower of the Clock

If you visit Paris, do visit the Conciergerie.

We had to bear giant advertisements since 2011, big commercial images spoiling the river Seine. I guess there could be other ways to finance the restoration than allowing these huge advertising hoardings:

At least, it is now completely renovated. The result is beautiful.
The clock is now visible in all its beauty.
It was the first public clock being installed around 1370. This version dates from 1535.
The renovation seems to have restored the clock in a state more compliant with the original clock.

The clock

Gilts and paintings are redone. The most considerable change is the background restored in blue with fleur-de-lis (lily flowers).

The clock
The Clock

Go check, the clock is on time!

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